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Due to her shy demeanour, Chef Maggie is likely a familiar face only to avid BAM! diners. This seemingly soft-spoken chef helmed a huge supporting role in the open kitchen, however, and being with the restaurant since 2015, has seen her carve her craft as chef de partie to a sous chef today.


Like many outstanding chefs, Maggie was introduced to cooking at an early age when she used to help her parents at their bakery. Following the departure from her hometown, Maggie started her chef training in the kitchen at Abu Dhabi Jumeirah Hotel before moving to Singapore where she worked under Michelin-starred chef, Julien Bompard and eventually joining the team at BAM!.


Maggie loves Euro-Chinese savoury cuisine and has an aptitude for making cold dishes that she utilizes to her advantage, churning out several culinary outputs including the popular Cold Capellini, Uni, Sakura Ebi in Omakase dining.


Being a lady chef is no easy feat and to build her stamina and focus, Maggie takes time to engage in Muay Thai, revealing that the sport is a good stress reliever. “What doesn’t kill you actually makes you stronger”, she said. So, expect no less and look forward to more from this young lady chef as she continues to strive in the gastronomic world.

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