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His journey to the culinary world began with an aspiration - to be like the suave and successful chef from a movie in his younger days. Unafraid of treading the rigorous path, Shang Jhi fed his innocent dream with passion and persistence, kick-starting his career in kitchens of fine-dining restaurants.


Having honed his skills under well-known names to the likes of Joel Robuchon; Julien Royer; and Sebastian Lepinoy inevitably put Shang Jhi in good stead but the most significant stepping-stone was his stint at the celebrated La Dame de Pic restaurant. Working with Michelin-starred Chef Anne Sophie Pic had since helped him identify and develop his sensibility to reveal balance in rich flavours, as well as in menus. And, that stalwart culinary basis shows today.


Chef Shang Jhi may be recognized for his French cuisine background although his exquisite approaches are also largely shaped by Asian heritage and an inclination to harmonise the palate with intriguing textures and flavours.


Outside work, Shang Jhi likes to clear his mind by ethical fishing then cooking out the seafood harvest using one of his favourite techniques called "meunière". With Shang Jhi taking the reins at BAM! as Chef de Cuisine, diners can expect to taste refined and well-balanced culinary outputs, experience new sensory episodes, and perhaps get to enjoy occasional meunière-ed dishes.

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